Amateur Leagues

Tennessee Assoc. of Vintage Base Ball

Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball TAOVBB

Teams which comprise the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball play by 1860s rules and customs, using authentic reproduction wooden bats and lemon peel base balls. No gloves are worn and there is no other equipment used. Each game has at least 9 innings and games are generally played every other weekend from Late March until Early September.

Larry Gilbert League

Larry Gilbert Youth League Nashville Baseball

Named for the Nashville Vols manager, the Larry Gilbert League was formed with eight teams in 1945. The league's age limit conformed with the policies of the Municipal Baseball Association which did not permit a boy to play who reached his 18th birthday by September 30.

Old Timers League

Old Timers Baseball Youth League Nashville

Organized by the Nashville Old Timer's Baseball Association on April 14, 1944, the league was established for boys 14 through 17 years of age. Eight clubs were represented and May 17 was determined to be opening day to begin a 28-game schedule.

Tri-State League

Nashville Tri-State League Semi-pro baseball

 This league was designated as semi-pro, meaning it allowed players who were amateurs and those who had previously played professionally. Players were often paid a small amount and travel expenses. 

City League

Nashville City League Amateur Baseball

 The City League was an amateur league comprised of former high school and college players. 

Other Amatuer Leagues

Commercial League Volunteer League Little League Dixie Youth Boys Men Girls Women Softball

 The Volunteer and Commercial leagues included amateur players. A myriad of programs for young players have played across the landscape of Nashville ball fields.