February Baseball in Nashville

Baseball Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby is given credit for this famous line, uttered by every fan, player, and executive more than once in the off-season, especially when there are six inches of snow on the ground as there is outside my front door right now:

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

If you haven’t said it exactly like that, no worries. You might not stare out of the window, either. 

Simply stating it as “I’m ready for winter to be over” is just as damning to the harshest, coldest, and most depressing season of the year.

In the baseball vernacular, I don’t even think we should give it credit for being a “season.”

But here we are, anticipating that first pitch, soon hunkered down with our cap pulled down over our eyes, hoody cinched tight over our ears, layered up with sweaters and coats, fingers pushed all the way into our gloves, and arms crossed as if to become smaller so there’s less of us to incubate.

As a reminder that college baseball will not be swayed by meteorologists’ guesstimates of rain- (or snow-) fall, frigid temperatures, or cold fronts, today I present to you Nashville-area college baseball home schedules for the month of February.

It’s just right for those who are not content with staring out the window and waiting for spring. Just remember that Covid-19 restrictions (and admission cost) may apply, and there may be postponements.

You might want to think about a heavy woolen blanket and a coffee thermos if you go.

Play (snow) ball!

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