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Sulphur Dell Naming Rights Sold

According to ballpark general manager Skim Newcomb, who held a morning news conference downtown to make the announcement, Sulphur Dell naming rights have been sold.

“We are proud to announce we have reached an agreement with a season-long, exclusive naming-rights partnership that brands our famous ballpark “Musike Vinyl at Sulphur Dell.”

Musike Vinyl, a reasonably new company owned by Newcomb’s younger brother, Bo, has experienced rapid growth in recent years, especially with a lineup of young cross-over artists who now call Nashville home.

“Most of what we generate has nothing to do with country music, a dead genre, in my opinion,” said Bo Newcomb. “We are hearing from our younger audience that swing, reggae, and bee-bop sounds are returning quickly.”

Skim and Bo Newcomb at Sulphur Dell

Brody John, Emerald, and Semaj are new names synonymous with the upbeat sounds that Generation X-ers demand. The artists in Musike’s list of performers are drawing huge crowds to local honkey tonks and coffee shops. All of the company’s recordings are produced on vinyl disks, a return to vintage production gaining steam across America.

The partnership will not be noticed just on ballpark signage outside the stadium, either.

“We will be pumping Musike Vinyl songs throughout the ballpark as walk-up music and between-innings entertainment,” said the elder Newcomb. “Our fans are clamoring for it.”

The ballpark opens on April 1.

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