1936-38 Southern Association Mini-Pennants

Includes Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis

BF3 pennants are a colorful group of mini-pennants representing a minor league team. Three leagues are designated as Type 11, which include the American Association, the International League, and the Southern Association.

Each pennant is printed with a team nickname and an accompanying graphic related to baseball or the team. An abbreviated league name is on all Type 11 pennants, and “Southern Association” is abbreviated to “Sou.N. Ass’N.”

Distributed by Two Sources

These coveted mini-pennants have a rich history, having been issued by two renowned gum companies, Red Ball Sales and Grandpa Brand Co., between 1936 and 1938. Each purchase of a stick of gum came with one of these premium pennants.

Made of felt with blank (non-printed) backs and labeled in the American Card Catalog as “Baseball, College, Cities and Catch All” categories, there are twelve types, triangular in a mini-pennant format in a wide variety of colors.

Each measures approximately 2-1/2 inches at the spine by 4-3/8 inches long. Sets with major league teams or player names with silhouettes are popular, while some only show team names and, curiously, were not necessarily made to match each team’s official colors of the time.

Rare Collectibles

These pennants are not just collectibles; they are rare treasures. They can occasionally appear on eBay and various auction websites, with prices starting from $16.00. These unique pieces are fun to collect and add significant value to any Southern Association memorabilia collection.

Nashville (“Vols”) appears to be the most rare. Looking for Mobile? The franchise relocated to Knoxville in July of 1931 due to declining attendance, returning to Mobile in 1944 in the middle of the season.





For more information about the American Card Catalog, visit The Jefferson R. Burdick Collection.

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